InNote - Point-of-care support for smarter, holistic care

InNote pinpoints and surfaces specific insights including care gaps and risk factors to help physicians right at the point of care - the right information, at the right time, all with the EMR!

InNote works with major browsers and operating systems.
Internet Explorer users can use our windows alternative.



A comprehensive view of patient health

InNote pulls information from multiple clinical and financial systems so that physicians can easily access a comprehensive view of the patient without having to leave the EMR.

Precise patient insights

Incorporate relevant patient details seamlessly into your activities including risk factors, care and coding gaps, and active care plans with InNote.

Going beyond EMR information

InNote helps care teams personalize patient interactions by highlighting patient usage patterns across the entire system including ED visit details, admissions / re-admissions, and medication adherence.

Data-driven care delivery

InNote helps inform what actions are most relevant for the patient including activities that can close care and coding gaps.

Measures or screenings due

A summary of screening outstanding for each patient related to target quality measures.

Clinical documentation improvement

Notification of diagnosis codes that were dropped from prior records and suggestions for more specific codes that may be used to increase reimbursement and provide better care.

Synchronized with your schedule

InNote integrates itself easily with existing workflows and lists upcoming patient appointments in a calendar-like view. Physicians can also search for a specific patient across their network.

Appointment reminders

InNote reminds the physicians 10 minutes prior to the patient’s arrival through push notifications. Yes, it’s customizable.

Plug-n-play connectivity

InNote works with all browser-accessible EMRs
and requires no prior connection. InNote learns
from activities on EMRs and notifies if a patient
needs attention.

Customizable views

Pick the attributes you wish to track. InNote
provides you the view you want with
customized point-of-care insights like patient’s
demographic details, care gaps, coding gaps,
risk scores to the physicians on EMRs.

Connect to all available data

InNote can connect to InData to monitor care gaps,
risk scores, coding gaps, disease registries,
markers (like frequent ED visitor), or also connect to any
other system via RESTful APIs.

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