Flexible, easy to use and adaptable

Modular in nature, Innovaccer's Healthcare Data Platform Provider Engagement offers a flexible platform that can run on any existing architecture to deliver a unified access to information your care teams need. You don’t have to worry about interoperability and your physicians can easily adopt it without any extra IT training sessions.

Synced information with a hassle-free experience

Provider Engagement with Innovaccer's Healthcare Data Platform allows providers to track their upcoming patient appointments of the day, with a concise view of patient history, pre-visit notes and gaps in their care. With smart and automated workflows, the platform can sync appointments in a simple calendar view and handle frequent variations, providing a hassle-free experience.

360° view for all your patients

Through Innovaccer's Healthcare Data Platform, understanding your patients becomes easier and faster. Caregivers can access medical record of every individual patient, complete with their clinical history, claims information, episodes, risk scores, disease registries, and a lot more - anytime on any device of their choice.

Multi-channel provider engagement

Physicians and care staffs have the liberty to opt for the information source. Innovaccer's Healthcare Data Platform offers multiple channels of interaction - Fax, Print-outs, EMR view, Third-party tool, and Mobile apps- to deliver real-time updates and notifications to physicians and care staff.

Real-time insights and analytics

Providers get the access to actionable insights, like at-risk patients, trends, frequent flyers, performance metrics, in real-time, anywhere, on any device through Innovaccer's Healthcare Data Platform. The platform can deliver information via text messages, alarms, or push notifications, keeping the care teams updated on the fly.

Easy, one-click referrals

Equipped with intelligent algorithms to sort patients for referrals, Innovaccer's Healthcare Data Platform maps patients in the network. It provides suitable suggestions for specialists or labs, based on parameters like health status, risk scores, location, and special needs. The information is also transferred automatically to the system of the physician accepting the referral.

Smarter Provider Engagement with Innovaccer's Healthcare Data Platform

Flexible architecture adaptable to any existing environment

Manual override for care teams

Interactive DIY dashboards

Real-time performance monitoring

One-click access to patient’s medical history

Multi-channel provider engagement based on care teams’ preference

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