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Innovaccer Health Cloud
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The Innovaccer Health Cloud

A collection of cloud products and services
powering the future of health.

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Data Activation Platform

The industry’s most flexible and
scalable multi-tenant data platform

An extensible platform and suite of integrations
to power your data and analytics.

Microservices-based Utilities

Unified Patient Record

Comprehensive Unified Patient Record
from multiple healthcare data sources
(clinical, claims, labs, pharma, etc.) to
present a whole-person view of the patient.

Plug-and-play Data Integrations

Pre-built integrations to most health IT
systems and vendors – EHRs, payers,
HIEs, pharmacies, labs, and partners.

Extensible Data Model

Extensible data model to adapt to
various use cases across the healthcare

Analytics Platform

State of the art Function-as-a-Service (FaaS), which allows data scientists and analysts to write custom analytics models and execute them across the platform and applications.

Enterprise level security

PHI/PII security, including ACL and
security-specific attribution for access
control, as well as HIPAA and ISO

Enterprise Level Security

PHI/PII security, including ACL and
security-specific attribution for access
control, as well as HIPAA and ISO

Intelligent Application Suite

A powerful suite of cloud applications

Healthcare applications that allow you to activate more meaningful
experiences and improve clinical, operational and financial outcomes.

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Collaboration & Communication

A point-of-care provider collaboration
tool and cards based design to keep it


A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) framework to support care teams with protocols, care plans, assessments, and automation strategies.

Digital Front Door

A patient app framework to support
automated patient engagement and
patient experiences. Comes with a self-
serve app for patients.

Task Management

A task management framework to support practice managers and provider staff with performance, usage, and more.

Analytics and Business Intelligence

A business and clinical intelligence
framework to support population health
with dashboards, measures, risk models,
and groupers.


A point-of-care smart assistant with a skill-based smart framework to provide the right information at the right time.

“Having access to timely data allows our care team to intervene in real time.”

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“The Innovaccer Health Cloud plays a central role in how we support our provider network.”

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Innovation Toolkit

Build digital health experiences
with APIs for healthcare

A suite of integrations and extensible data
warehouse to power your data and analytics.

FHIR-compliant APIs

A library of FHIR APIs covering unified data, member authentication, consent management, third party app certification, and privacy & security considerations.

Healthcare Content Library

A content library and healthcare-
focused content with 200+ care
protocols, 500+ benchmarks, 800+
analytical models that support the development of more relevant and robust digital health solutions

Healthcare Proven Design

An extensive library of UI components and design guidelines to help developers create a modern user experience in a low-code development environment.

Reusable Analytical, Clinical and Business Workflows

Our learnings across measures, episode groupers, registries, care protocols, strategy, etc. pre-packaged, so that developers don’t have to start from scratch.

Scalable Utilities for Consumption

Microservices-based utilities to enable fast integration and rapid deployment of solutions.

Application Marketplace

App marketplace to list partner and
internal applications.

“The Innovaccer Health Cloud
gives us a platform to align
with many disparate EHRs and
provide clinical insights that
help our physicians improve
population health.”

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