Analyze Data and Understand your Patient Populations Better

Our FHIR Healthcare Data Platform provides state-of-
the-art analytics to derive meaningful insights from healthcare data and leveraging them to enhance clinical
and financial outcomes.

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Reveal the best insights from multiple data sources with built-in and customized measures

Care as one across your organization by delivering insights and analysis. Empower network stakeholders to
gain new insights and drive meaningful efforts in care.
Gather deep insights into any data from any source
  • Easily incorporate data from over 200+ data systems with turnkey integrations.
  • Simplify the de-duplication of data and combine fields from multiple sources in calculations and analytics.
  • One-click upload to an automated and collaborative workflow for filling missing gaps.
Classify patients into cohorts with tailor-made registries
  • Build patient cohorts based on multiple pre-defined and built-in conditions.
  • Access over 60 features to stratify the patient population and monitor population health.
  • Secure and HIPAA-compliant report downloads for additional analysis.
Track network performance with customized measures
  • Build customized measures or select from a spectrum of over 800 cost, quality, or utilization measures.
  • Examine high-utilization measures and cost-drivers across the provider network.
  • Export measures as secure, HIPAA-compliant downloadable files.
Access a comprehensive data science workbench
  • Build and deploy machine learning data models on the platform powered by AWS Sagemaker.
  • Apply the predictive and prescriptive model of analysis, without configuring complex ML.
  • Deliver only the most relevant insights with secure and customized reports.
Operationalize customized insights in real-time
  • Quickly create customized, interactive dashboards to showcase analysis.
  • Drill into the measure performance to any level of granularity to discover new insights.
  • Share insights in real-time and receive automated updates on changes in performance measures.

Optimize clinical and cost outcomes. Join the patient-centered future of healthcare.