Innovaccer’s data platform ranked #1 by KLAS in the new Data & Analytics Platforms category

The #1 healthcare data platform to
supercharge your digital transformation
We’re on a mission to transform healthcare by unifying abundant,
disparate health data to derive smart-care insights for stakeholders.
Highest product quality
Customers rated our data platform with highest product quality, which can significantly improve clinical and financial outcomes.
Quality of support
From data ingestion to accelerating innovation, we provide exceptional support to our customers at every step of the way.
Sustainable transformation
Our cloud data platform delivers sustainable transformation with advanced AI and machine learning capabilities.
Here’s what our customers have to say
“Innovaccer is much quicker and more agile [than other vendors] in terms of being able to meet our needs effectively.”
- Director interviewed by KLAS
“Innovaccer allows us to bring in data in a non-obtrusive way to help physicians address care gaps.”
- VP interviewed by KLAS
“Innovaccer has really built their capabilities, not just their technology, to ingest and integrate data.”
- CEO/President interviewed by KLAS

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#1 data platform can accelerate your
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