Beyond Actionable Insights: Making Healthcare Data Conversational

Team Innovaccer
Tue 09 November 2021


Gregg Loughman, CEO of Perception Health, has a problem with one of healthcare's most used phrases: actionable insights. "If insights were easily actionable, then as a country we would not rank where we do in terms of mortality, morbidity, and healthcare outcomes for different disease states. The data is there," Loughman says. "The insights are there. The question is, what is the willingness to change?"

On today's show, Innovaccer's Charu Madan and Rich Levin interview Loughman to find out how Perception Health is helping providers go beyond actionable insights, and into the realm of "decision intelligence"—a truly unique approach to healthcare analytics that, Loughman says, can have a profound impact on population health and the cost of care.

Our panel: Gregg Loughman, CEO, Perception Health; Charu Madan, vice president of partnerships and digital health, Innovaccer; and Rich Levin, vice president of content at Innovaccer.

They discuss:

  • How to use data make healthcare predictive instead of reactive
  • What digital health companies are doing to put data to work for providers
  • The role of consumer behavior and social determinants of health (SDoH) in predicting illness and disease
  • Resistance to AI among healthcare professionals and administrators
  • How the pandemic is reshaping perceptions about the value of AI
  • Why data insights are more important than data volume
  • Why insights often fail to drive change
  • How to go from insights to meaning to decisions that matter
  • Conjuring personal health insights from billions of healthcare data points
  • How unifying data can help prevent disease rather than react to it
  • The power of partnerships in solving healthcare's biggest problems
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