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Generate actionable insights from your Big data

Somya Gulati
Sat 18 June 2016

Generate actionable insights from your big data

Are you struggling with generating actionable insights from your big data?

Healthcare is undergoing a fundamental shift and the providers are changing the way they do business and are doing so at an unprecedented pace. New demands from government, payers and patients are causing a large transformation as providers look for ways to manage risk, increase their quality of care, reduce costs and navigate new payment models. This massive shift has caused providers to increasingly leverage their own clinical and financial data for critical insights.

As the healthcare now is digitized, it has resulted in tremendous new opportunities for using data to improve patient care and manage the health of populations. As hospitals and health systems move from paper-based to electronic records, the amount of available data has grown dramatically.

But one of the greatest struggle is that Big data doesn’t equal actionable insights

There are multiple EHRs and there is an overwhelming surge of big data. It’s great to have access to this data, but what do organizations do once they have all that data? How do you make sense of this data?

Innovaccer Inc., is one of the fastest growing analytics company that works with leading ACOs, HIE, Hospitals, and Health Plans, including Mercy ACO, Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, MIT among 150 + other customers. Our Platform along with our data scientist offer:

  • 25+ pre-built EMR connectors for EPIC, Cerner, Allscripts, eClinicalworks etc, with a 2-way interoperability support for select EMRs.
  • Population Health, Care Coordination and Quality & Performance Management solutions.

Our platform, popularly known as Datashop provides a single, integrated record of clinical and financial information, regardless of provider or care. It seamlessly combines the silos of data from multiple disparate sources and brings it onto a single EDW with just a point and click.

If you’d like to know more about Datashop and its capabilities, please click here or get in touch with us directly.

Remember that the first step of making the big difference in the health outcomes is to make sense of your data. So if you feel that you are ready to take your first step, get in touch with us.

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