How Healthcare Payers Countrywide are Using InNote to Close Gaps in Care

Team Innovaccer
Tue 29 December 2020

Closing the gaps in care is one of the best ways to minimize skyrocketing healthcare costs, especially for health insurance companies. High-risk members with chronic or multiple comorbid conditions not only have poorer health outcomes, but they can also drive a substantial amount of healthcare spending within a network.

To identify the gaps in care, which could be anything from a missed immunization to a downcoded diagnosis, some of the leading healthcare payers leverage Innovaccer’s point-of-care technology, InNote. This innovative assistant brings the patient into full view right at the point of care, allowing providers to review crucial details without having to search for and dive deep into voluminous, disparate electronic health records (EHRs).

This quarter, we have added some additional features to InNote for payers looking to plug gaps in care and reduce physician burnout. InNote simplifies the process of identifying gaps and documenting them. These state-of-the-art updates provide real-time information, more efficient user response workflows, and customizable features.

Real-time patient information at the point of care

InNote leverages application programming interfaces (APIs) to acquire member details by connecting the payer and provider networks. It presents them in a card-like layout, which surfaces when a provider finds a patient in the EHR and opens their record. Due to APIs, the information presented is dynamic and updated in real-time.

Simplified user-response workflow

InNote is built primarily for care teams, namely physicians, nurses, case managers, and health coaches. For every patient card, the user can view three options: yes, no, or not addressed, and select one to indicate whether the issue has been resolved. These options can be selected at any time and edited until midnight, after which the response details are sent to the healthcare payer. Additionally, users can also view and respond to queries from the payer about any gaps in care or other patient-related information.

Customizable to fit your needs

InNote offers many customizable features that can be added during configuration to suit the needs of both payers and end-users. InNote can be customized to report and troubleshoot from a list of the most frequently encountered issues within the network. Users are also given an option to add further details or report on anything beyond the provided options.

InNote offers a searchable list of all providers from which the staff can choose. It also provides user rating and feedback surveys to get more detailed information from customers using the product. Additionally, InNote can create reports for payers that indicate how their contracted providers are using the application, statistics for gaps closed, and information essential for spotting growth opportunities.

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