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Innovaccer At NAACOS

Shubham Mishra
Tue 27 September 2016

Innovaccer Inc., will launch World’s First Artificial Intelligence assisted Care Coordination Platform ‘Datashop Care’ during the NAACOS Fall Conference in Washington DC.

Datashop Care uses advanced Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies to help healthcare organizations in identifying the gaps in care and further working on them efficiently.

Existing Challenges in Care Coordination

When Value-based care is the target, the increasing cost of care indicates something is wrong! After going through all the cumbersome processes of digitizing healthcare, whether we have achieved the desired quality of care is still unknown. Technology has brought in the new age advanced in almost all fields then why haven’t we seen that in Healthcare Industry?

Today, the required patient-centric care has everything human capabilities could offer. From world-class physicians to top notch medicines but there are aspects which challenge the human capabilities. These challenges are nothing once there is an appropriate technological aid.

A major challenge in patient-centric care is efficient post-acute episode care, where effective care coordination is required. Care Coordinators find it hard to engage with a population of thousands when their reach is limited. Problems arise when even after an exceptional inpatient care, patient forgets to take medication, misses a follow-up visit, or anything of this sort. Care Coordinators make sure that these things don’t happen but what if Care Coordinators don’t know about their patients? What if they were supposed to remind the patients but Care Coordinators themselves weren’t reminded about them? Unfortunately, most of the times Care Coordinators are unaware of the patients’ needs, medications, clinical history, etc., and this becomes the root cause of major problems like increasing readmission rates, PMPM cost, missed out on screenings, vaccines, tests, and many other measures that play a significant role in measuring the annual performance.

Effective Care Coordination with Datashop Care

Datashop Care will come with pre-built integration and standardization system to 30+ EMR systems. The platform will be made available for desktop and mobile, so Health Coaches can be kept updated regardless of their location.

With Datashop Care, Care Coordinators can assure adherence to care plans, track deviations from best practices,  stratify patients according to their risk profiles, plan timely interventions for at-risk patients (based on the respective risk scores), stay updated on the patients that have been recently discharged or have upcoming follow-up visits and other post-acute episode necessities of patients.

This platform will be added to Innovaccer’s Population Health Management suite Datashop. Datashop enables providers to integrate claims, clinical and laboratory data and perform advanced analytics on it. With features like Patient 360, Drilled Down Contract Performance, Integrated Data Lake, and Inbuilt Quality Reporter (PQRS, GPRO, HEDIS, etc.),  Datashop has been a handy Population Health Management tool for many value-focused organizations partnered with Innovaccer.

Innovaccer has created Datashop Care with direct inputs from more than 200 Physicians and Care Coordinators, which has helped to focus on the problems faced by Physicians and Care Coordinators and will address the most persistent issues in the healthcare industry, such as gaps in care and connectivity.

Innovaccer will be launching this product during the NAACOS Fall Conference at Washington D.C. NAACOS conferences are the only events organized exclusively by ACOs. Over 550 ACO leaders and CMS officials from across the country will participate in this NAACOS Conference and deliver valuable policy insights, opportunities for networking and peer-to-peer learning, and operational strategies for all accountable care organizations, whether the organization is an MSSP, Next Generation, or commercial ACO.


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For further information about Datashop Care,  Join Innovaccer team at Booth # 40 at NAACOS.

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