Integrated Data Lake Can be the Future of Healthcare

Somya Gulati
Wed 08 June 2016


Data integration has been gaining tremendous momentum in the healthcare industry and it is very evident that analyzing and integrating this data collectively can drastically improve the patient care, and both clinical and financial outcomes, but how to actually collect, read, integrate, understand and leverage the data remains a broken process.

We all know that Healthcare information and data remains largely siloed and this results in reduced efficiency, higher costs and poorer outcomes. Approximately $342 billion is lost every year in the form of benefits, purely because of poor data integration and ensuing efficiency and quality losses.

In such times the health care leaders understand that their organizations need to start adopting newer data driven ways of operationalizing health systems. They also have an intuitive sense of what they need from their data: quality, cost, patient experience, and revenue information all in one place, but they also realize that this transformational phase is not going to be an easy one. What these health care leaders need are the solutions that give executives and managers near real-time answers to their questions, flexibility in accessing the data so it can be sliced and diced in numerous ways, and allow them to maintain their data’s integrity and use it wherever, whenever and however they want across the organization.

One of the main challenges with existing EMR systems is that they were architected for high-fidelity data for patient-physician interactions at the level of each individual patient. Their intended purpose was not to explore and summarize data across patients. These enterprise platforms in the market act like “black-box, difficult and expensive to customize. On top of this, turnaround times are in months if not in years, which, according to us, is a huge loss of competitive advantage and innovation appetite.

Datashop- An integrated data lake; seamlessly integrates data from different sources and helps healthcare providers provide a continuum of care.

We know that there is an increasing need to derive rapid insights from data distributed across disparate data silos and unique proprietary legacy systems, while maintaining data security and ensuring data integrity at all points. Datashop Care, our integrated data lake, is purposely built for this capability. It is a single platform for all healthcare related data and analytics needs of an organization.

An Integrated data lake gives both deep,detailed insight into the particulars of one patient and also the ability to identify patterns across millions of different patients (while still preserving the underlying detail on each individual) and with a future that entails explosive growth in the amount of data that healthcare organizations will process, executives will need to be prudent about making technology investments that are future proof.

To sum it up, an integrated data lake makes a data-driven healthcare system less expensive and more available, and future proof, so that patients have more choices, doctors have more insight, and providers can deliver more effective, reliable care. It’s no more an option but a necessity!

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