Interoperability, the magic wand in Health Care

Sanchit Somani
Wed 09 March 2016


Technology is an enabler, in any human situation.

Although the doctor collects and stores medical information electronically, that fact doesn’t mean we easily can share those records with other doctors or pharmacists.  As they so rightly pointed out, the greatest data in the world is no good unless all the relevant players have access to it. Hopefully, what this will eventually mean is that someone who gets most of his or her health care in Chicago will have that data available to ER physicians in NY or California should there be a need or crisis.. Or, if someone moves places, everything won’t have to be rebuilt from the ground up, saving an enormous amount of money, time and trouble.

When we look at the lack of interoperability, the most difficult issues to address is moving data. Moving data costs money. Nobody really knows how much that should cost. There seems to be a strong view that the market value is not a fair value because the market is rigged. In the past, we didn’t have any way of exchanging data. We figured out how to exchange billing and identification data and some diagnostics. Then we added the ability to do some pretty crude document-based transfer of the data. That was a big achievement. It’s a process. You build a mountain, you stand on top of it and see a bigger mountain that you can go and stand on top of. The urgent need to build bigger mountains never goes away.

We all know that the health sector operates best when there is care co-ordination, so with that philosophy in mind I think what we are seeing internationally is a recognition that healthcare systems need to be joined up. In order for data to be meaningful it must engage payers, providers, patients to identify areas that have the biggest impact in addressing the gaps in care. For example, what’s going to be the best route for engaging an individual in addressing the gaps in care ? What incentives have been developed? These questions all tied back to data interoperability and leveraging it to drive healthcare outcomes in a meaningful way.

Our mission at InnovAccer is to empower both payer and provider to best serve the people in their communities. As we look ahead to the next five years, with all certainty, there will be an increased focus on value-based care and henceforth we are determined in this journey by providing a platform which is built with a difference to integrate data from various systems into a single standardized data-lake. From this data lake provider networks or payers can use the data for the purpose of interoperability, transferring the data between the different EMR systems installed at the various providers in the networks.

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