Launching the New BI Service on the Platform: Delivering Powerful and Configurable Dashboards

Pratik Chaplot
Mon 18 January 2021

For our customers, dashboards serve as the report card and help them monitor the impact of the actions that they are taking. It helps them take timely actions in order to improve upon their OKRs and identify areas to improve further. The BI service, or the business intelligence, on the platform allows these dashboards to be published and/or be embedded on any of Innovaccer’s applications to enable end-users to use the out of the box or customized dashboards. It further offers easy personalizations on the dashboards by provisioning customization capabilities.

Based on the feedback received from our users in the past, we have added a few new features to address the challenges users face. We have detailed them below:

Access to real-time data on the dashboards

In healthcare, access to real-time data is incredibly important. The data needs to be available to our users becomes as per their requirements- in seconds, minutes, or hours. Especially as healthcare deals with a pandemic, access to real-time data can make all the difference, and with this update, we aim to deliver data on the platform which gets refreshed every five minutes. 

Customizable dashboards to fit your needs

With this update, we have also given our users multiple customizable options, such as cloning and editing dashboards in real-time on the platform as and when needed. The users can add/delete charts on the existing dashboard, change the chart style, color of charts, etc. as per their requirements. Users can also create a new dashboard on a blank canvas using the existing dashboard datasets as per their needs. We have also provided an appendix to help explain the key performance indicators (KPIs) of any organization, including how they’re calculated.


Easily shareable across the network

With this new update, users can also share access to their own version of a particular dashboard with other users at ease to make sure critical decision-makers are on the same page. The dashboards can be shared with desired permissions such as ‘owner,’ ‘edit,’ or ‘view’ with other stakeholders over email and will be updated in real-time to enable accurate and efficient decision-making. Users can also use similar options to share feedback on the available dashboards.

What’s next?

In the longer run, we will be working to enable our users to build their own dashboards by leveraging the ‘visual library’ feature. The visual library will have a variety of visuals corresponding to KPIs like trends in the network, distribution across different factors, correlation charts, etc. For example, for KPIs like readmissions within 30 days, we will deliver an MoM trend, distribution across the organization level like practice and provider, distribution across DRGs, correlation charts like readmission across transitional care management or across post-discharge PCP visit and many more. The next updates will also enable users to configure data alerts and to save dashboard views.

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