Making Virtual Care Visits Easier with InNote

Team Innovaccer
Tue 29 December 2020

Although virtual care had been around for quite some time, it was only after the COVID-19 pandemic struck with such an impact that it gained widespread acceptance. However, care is not truly virtual until it can take place on the go with speed and efficiency.

To help providers connect with their patients remotely without overlooking administrative tasks, we have created a mobile version of InNote for iOS and Android platforms. The app allows providers to schedule visits, view their conversations with patients, and conduct a seamless virtual visit with just a few finger taps.

One-click visit scheduling

The app uses simple credentials to log in to the platform, from which the provider can conduct virtual visits. Providers can easily schedule visits with their patients by adding the relevant patient information, and their patients will be notified with details for joining the call. Additionally, other participants can be added to the call, such as a specialist physician, health coach, case manager, or family member.

Real-time “waiting rooms”

InNote gives providers a view of their “waiting rooms,” which helps them manage their time for the day and prep for their patient calls. With indicators such as “waiting,” “ready for provider,” and “in progress,” providers and care team members can view the status of scheduled calls. Providers will get a notification when a patient is being moved to “ready for provider” status. An additional post-visit queue feature notifies staff to help patients with the next steps and usher them through the care continuum.

Group calls for connected care

InNote for virtual care supports group calls for up to 10 participants and can feature both single-person and grid views. While the provider and staff default view option will be focused on the patient, there will also be an option to pin the view of a specific participant. Providers will have a feature for note-taking on the go during the call.

In the near future, we will be releasing additional features such as chat assistance, audio call, and text call for upcoming versions of the mobile application.

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