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Managing Health of a Population is a Big Responsibility

Abhinav Shashank
Mon 29 February 2016

Datashop Population Health Management

For years the technologies did not exist to assist organizations looking to capture value from both fee-for-value and fee-for service contracts. That’s changed and population health management is fundamental to that change in the healthcare delivery. For every provider, this means knowing what’s going on with all the patients and taking action automatically to proactively achieve the best outcomes.

It is evident that population health management thrives on data, but getting quality and actionable data from multiple internal and external systems and then integrating that data is a constant challenge. More so, real-time data integration through the use of the HIE is critical to making health care data.

Datashop Population Health Manager (D-PHM) is that solution to the struggle. D-PHM is a care management platform that is built to provide a holistic view of a patient using real time clinical information and claims records. It focuses on measurement and management.

It is designed to support these essential PHM functions:

  • Population Exploration
  • Risk Stratification
  • Waste & Leakage Reduction
  • Patient Engagement
  • Outcome Measurement

Datashop Population Health Manager (D-PHM) with its rapid data ingestion, analysis, and visualization capability empowers the providers to monitor measures, take quick decisions, and eventually improve care with lowered costs with full transparency and control of data and analytics powering it.

D-PHM is built on a simple goal and that is to help the providers act instead of react by proactively identifying opportunities for intervention and for care improvement. We understand that managing health of a population has been a challenge but it doesn’t always have to be. Does it? With D-PHM, not only will you be able to manage the health of your population better but you will also enhance the financial and organizational sustainability.

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