Say hello to a more secure InNote: Now with Multi-Factor Authentication

Team Innovaccer
Fri 04 June 2021

Networks that store medical data between multiple providers are susceptible to data breaches. Because of this, data security has always been an integral part of our product development and updates. InNote cuts through the noise to deliver the right information from EHRs and other third-party data sources at the point of care, thereby enabling users to close gaps in real-time and deliver quality outcomes efficiently.

Through recent InNote updates, we’ve increased security by enabling multi-factor authentication. This means users will need to enter multiple forms of verification to prove their identity when signing into an application.

How multi-factor authentication works in InNote

When a user creates an account for the first time, details like email address and password are required. Additionally, an activation code is sent to the new account to successfully complete the account creation process.

Once the account is created, the login process would need both login credentials and OTP. Similarly, for cases like changing passwords and forgetting passwords, the same method would be implemented to ensure a seamless login process.

The Benefits

  • User information is a major risk point. So multifactor confirmation relieves the tension by shielding information from falling under the control of the wrong hands.
  • Although the process can be time-consuming, it is our highest priority that a patient’s sensitive information is never tampered with.
  • OTPs reduce the risk of fraud by sending users time-sensitive, unique, and random codes and enables users to use one login while at the same time maintaining high-security standards.

A message from the product team

We hope that the new multi-factor authentication in InNote will provide more account security. Our team will continue to improve our product and offer point-of-care technology for smarter, more holistic care.

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