Say hello to a new layout of InCare’s Worklist feature

Team Innovaccer
Thu 15 July 2021

As the healthcare industry shifts toward more holistic patient care, work needs to be evenly distributed among providers, increasing the need for streamlined workflows.

InCare—developed by Innovaccer—is a robust solution for care management and coordination. It helps care teams work down on excess errands, close care and coding gaps, improve patient engagement, and achieve better consideration results.

In the latest update of InCare, new features have been added to the Worklist function to improve the patient experience.

What’s new

1. Week View

Users can now view their tasks for a particular day or week by toggling the date field. Users can also reschedule, reassign, and prioritize activities.

2. Additional Patient Details

Users can access additional patient details by hovering over a patient’s name. These additional details include preferred contact method, contact information, preferred time of contact, care gaps, and more.

3. New Scheduling Features

Now users can reschedule multiple activities at once from their Worklist by using the reschedule button. Users can reschedule activities for a particular day in bulk. Note: The time of these activities cannot be changed, but the dates can be.


These new Worklist features will make time management, distribution of work, and scheduling more efficient and organized. In any healthcare system, care coordination is crucial, and our new features can help streamline processes so you can focus on what is most important: your patients.

A message from the product team

At Innovaccer, we strive to improve our products and services so systems can operate efficiently and patients always receive the best care possible. This product update is just a small step toward achieving this goal.

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