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Pulkit Anand
Sun 10 May 2015

Datashop, our data-science platform, makes it very easy to manipulate and play with data. Our customers use it everyday to understand their data better, and derive insights with ease. We are a nice bunch of data-science folks at Innovaccer, and we love playing with data! So, on an idle Tuesday, we started tinkering with some of the datasets that were readily accessible to us.

Being startups ourselves, and a general interest in the world of startups (of course!), we decided to tinker with the investments data in startups to see if something interesting popped up. We started with the data from Crunchbase (only available until 2013, because of Crunchbase’s data policies). We quickly put together a tool to analyse different slices of how investments are happening in the industry.

We started by making a motion chart to understand the investments and industries and how it evolved over time. Once we plugged in the data into the platform and created the chart, a couple of things immediately popped out. What we found the most interesting was a bursting of bubble in the clean-tech space. In 2008, both clean-tech and biotechnology were at a similar place in terms of the number of investors who bet on these industries, and the number of startups that were trying to crack these industries.

Mouseover the year to move forward and backwards through time.

X-axis: No. of investors (log scale); Y-axis: No. of startups (log scale); Size of the bubble: Investment dollars

By 2013, cleantech shrunk in every way – number of startups, investors, and the money poured into it, but biotechnology exploded.

X-axis: No. of investors (log scale); Y-axis: No. of startups (log scale); Size of the bubble: Investment dollars

Then, we also had the data on the investors who made investments in startups, and we decided to map them on a network and see which investors are closely correlated in terms of the investments they make. We chose to analyze two industries – e-commerce (which has been exploding in the last couple of years), and analytics (that’s us!).

The network of investors for e-commerce immediately popped out the top investors for the space, and how common their investments are.

That’s how the network looks like in the space. a16z pops out to be one of the biggest investors in the space, correlating very strong with another big spender in the space, SV Angels.


Intel Capital and Saif Partners are other top investors in this space.

The analytics landscape looks equally exciting!

Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners seems to be the strongest spenders in this space, and both seem to relate closely. The spends haven’t grown to the scale of e-commerce, but it is going to heat up!

These charts are just a sneakpeek from the tool we quickly put together on Datashop. Innovaccer is going to present at the 500 Startups demo day, we invite you to come to our booth and play with the data yourself! See you there. #500strong

Disclaimer: The analysis has been done on data available until 2013, and does not represent the entire industry landscape. To get more recent data, talk to us.

The author of this blog is Pulkit Anand, Head of Products at Innovaccer Inc.

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