The winds of Change!

Vaibhav Kumar
Fri 08 July 2016


HIMSS, Beckers, NAACOS, AMIA AMGA, AHIP, SXSW and 30+ such popularly attended conferences, 300+ Speakers, 100,000+ attendees over 20+ cities across the US and a whole lot of conversations have provided insights of paramount importance.

What we witnessed and observed for the last four months is heartwarming for tech companies and beyond. After meeting pretty much all the stakeholders – from the ONC to the Companies making ps4 style games for health improvement and all seems to be coming together. Everything around is revolutionizing.  And healthcare is picking up faster than we know it. We are opening up population health schools, we are implementing a culture of value-based care, and we are incentivizing the adoption of technology and the knack of problem-solving.

The conferences we have attended and the people we have met are a testimony to how organizations and inspired folks across the value-chain are collaborating and contributing to continuously push the envelope. While different organizations are at different levels – it all together promises the summer. From a boutique style primary care to a population health research using wearables, the advancements in robotic surgery to the doctor-on-demand telehealth service, innovations are happening everywhere. They are changing the very bare design of how care is provided, administered, monitored and managed.

Harkenhealth is a boutique style health plan, The Georgia partnership for Telehealth is a school based rural health service, PhysioGlove is a wire free ECG recording device, I mean there were acres of ballrooms we have walked through and explored more such amazing tech advances. But what’s even more impressive is the sheer volume and quality of discussions around the coordination and collaboration between organizations, the strategies and implementation challenges, the priorities and the planning and budgeting, the short term goals and the long term vision. Consumerism is taking our world by the storm and everyone’s getting ready to parley.

Of course, there is a long way to go, while we know what the future should look like no one can predict it, there will be multiple successful models, there will be a lot of make and break, try and test, build and buy and we will learn from each and other. I think that’s where the key is, building and learning together – getting patients, physicians, and everyone around them together. Consensus is difficult but necessary, it’s slow but is solid. We are in an age and time where there is so much precedence set up by other industries that we just have to look around for inspiration.

It will be difficult to discuss all the exciting changes in one blog, but we will share and detail them in the upcoming ones. The winds of change are here, and we are breathing them day in day out, we are a part of a generation that will lay the foundation for the Modern Healthcare, let us learn adapt test and fail and grow.

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