Job Description - Quality Assurance Manager

Location - Noida

Someone famously said, the best way to predict the future is to create it.

At Innovaccer, we dream of a different future, a future where machines will talk, a future where organizations will be organisms, and a future where life will be different - we will need a fundamentally easy way to embrace Big Data, we need the will, the vision, the leadership, and flamboyance to make Big Data accessible for everyone. We started as a big data company, however in the last 12 months, we have embarked on an exciting journey to build next-generation of data and AI driven products and platforms for the healthcare industry specifically. We are building tools that will enable physicians and hospitals to be more efficient, while making data-driven decisions to improve patient health. By doing so, we hope to save millions of lives in the future and make this planet a healthier planet.

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Job Title: QA Manager

Experience: 9-12 Years

About Innovaccer

Innovaccer simplifies access to structured data and analytics through machine learning and Big Data technologies. With offices in San Francisco and Noida, Innovaccer is transforming the way Corporations, Research Houses, and Think Tanks extract intelligence from data. Recognized by 500 Startups, TiEcon 2015, Forbes, NASSCOM among others, Innovaccer’s products & services are deployed at the most critical international bodies, educational hubs and corporate including the likes of Mercy, CHI, Sonic Healthcare, United Nations, NASA, Tata Mutual Funds, IAB, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, Brazilian Government, Researchers from Harvard, Stanford, MIT and many more.

How to apply: Drop us a line at