What COVID-19 Means
to American Healthcare: Trends, Impacts, Predictions, and the
Road Ahead

What will the future of healthcare look like in the
post-pandemic era?


Stay Ahead of the Time and Look Beyond the Covid-19 Curve

Get tailored insights into the latest trends and opportunities in the
post-COVID-19 era of the American Healthcare
of hospitals are using technology to screen and triage patients
of hospitals are using telehealth to virtually meet patients
of hospitals are using technology to automate outreach efforts

COVID-19 has Pushed the U.S. Healthcare System to Explore New Avenues for Care Delivery

The report uncovers near-term predictions on the changes the U.S. healthcare system might embrace as the nation strives to contain deadly outbreaks and move beyond this epidemic. Take a quick glimpse to explore:
Virtual care and telemedicine IT solutions during COVID-19 phase
Healthcare policy modifications made in response to the COVID-19
Spectrum of virtual care solutions and their impact on managing patient-centered care

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