Connect with us at the
DIA 2022 Global Annual Meeting

Date: June 19-23, 2022

Location: Chicago

Booth Number: #1006

Explore how the Innovaccer Research Network (IRN) connects Health Systems with the Life Sciences industry to accelerate Real World Evidence (RWE) studies by leveraging data and technology.
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Discover the Innovaccer Research Network at the DIA 2022 Annual Global Meeting
How does the IRN create value for health systems?
Know how the IRN creates opportunities to efficiently conduct RWE studies, and provides non-service source of revenue
How does the IRN create value for life sciences companies?
Explore how the IRN helps life science companies to collaborate with health systems to accelerate RWE studies by leveraging data and technology.
How will scheduling an exclusive meetup benefit you?
Learn from our experts how you can embark upon an accelerated RWE journey by leveraging Innovaccer’s cutting- edge technology and industry collaborations.

Why is the IRN a class apart?

  • Our long-term relationships with our health systems makes IRN data uniquely differentiated and longitudinal.
  • Our growing nationwide and global footprint of providers means that the value of IRN will continue to increase.
  • We integrate disparate sources of health data to generate comprehensive unified patient records.
  • Our KLAS #1 healthcare data and analytics platform is the de-facto industry standard for value-based care and population health management, making us your ideal partner for RWD/E studies.
  • We have a dedicated sales team constantly growing our network footprint.