A whole new experience with the next generation of patient engagement

We help you keep your patients engaged and healthy by rethinking human connections through our one-stop patient engagement solution, InConnect.

Enhance the quality of care and build relationships on the leading patient engagement solution

Do not worry about manually following up on your patients. Let InConnect do the heavy lifting- from communication to building relationships to keep you connected with your patients.

Automated patient outreach and triaging capabilities

Voice and text support based on requirements and needs

Upload and download files in desired formats

Multiple inbuilt APIs to book appointments and other services

Telehealth support feature for care teams to connect with patients

Centralized access to complete health records & schedules

Automated outreach across patient journey

Free up your care teams from reaching out to patients individually.

check_circle Send bulk messages or voice outreach

check_circle Schedule when it’s most effective

check_circle Evaluate outreach impact

Spend more time with your patients, and less on reaching out to them.

Now, I can send the information to my patients within seconds, and they can get back to me so easily, that I never have to worry about leaving any gaps!

- A care coordinator from Nebraska

Omni-channel communication

Enhance provider-patient collaboration at each stepㅡ with simplified communication:

check_circle Two-way secure texting with support for documents and recordings

check_circle Video Messages

check_circle Send and receive surveys

check_circle Telehealth

Let nothing come in between your care teams and patients.

We are seeing much happier and contented people as they can communicate internally and externally without hurdles.

- A PCP based out of Texas

Effectively engage and educate your patients

Enable patients to make informed decisions with the right support.

check_circle Dispatch appointment and screening reminders

check_circle Share care-focused educational content

check_circle Develop educational content library for patients

check_circle Send a ride

Empower your patients to make informed decisions.

My patients and I now have healthy discussions on what will suit them the best. As they become aware, they are more serious about their health and it’s striking a perfect balance!

- A PCP from a Midwest American-ACO

The revolutionary patient app to drive health ownership

Know what makes InConnect the perfect patient engagement solution for your care teams

Case Study

Engagement made simple and efficient

Learn how a CIN based out of Nebraska automated their patient outreach mechanism to improve patient engagement, educate them, and save multiple hours of their care teams daily with InConnect, a one-of-a-kind patient outreach management solution.

Decrease in readmissions


Increase in patient satisfaction


Overall engagement rate


Estimated generated savings

$1.9 million

Bring your care teams closer to patients. Drive smarter care with revolutionary patient engagement.

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