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We equip life sciences companies to improve patient outcomes with robust insights. We help them develop and bring therapeutics to market with comprehensive, real-world data; clinical research and results; and partnerships.

America’s largest healthcare organizations are connecting their care ecosystems on the Innovaccer Health Cloud

The Innovaccer Health Cloud for Life Sciences

A collection of cloud products and services
powering the future of health.

A powerful suite of solutions for life sciences organizations
A collection of cloud products and services powering the future of patient-centric therapy.
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Life Sciences Cloud Data Platform
Combines the intelligent analytics of the Innovaccer Data Lake and other data sources with the CareAsOne network to work together with life sciences organizations.
Observational Research Network
Enables life sciences organizations to recruit and engage with patients and their care teams to collect and supplement protocol-specific data; facilitates real-world data and evidence-based analysis.
Data Aggregation, Curation, and Enrichment
An end-to-end platform that creates, curates, enriches, and catalogs longitudinal data that is accessible to researchers and third-party applications via APIs.
Provider and Patient Engagement
Suite of collaborative tools for engaging patients, providers, and care teams to monitor and optimize adherence throughout protocol as well as collect data.
Care Plan Deployment
Industry-recognized care support plans deployed in partnership with Innovaccer Provider customers to optimize patient care and therapy outcomes.
Participant Recruitment
Rapid recruitment of protocol-eligible patients through research opportunity escalation directly to them or via provider organizations.
Medication Adherence
Partnerships with Innovaccer providers help identify and overcome barriers to following medication plans.
Synthetic Control Arms
Solution that allows researchers to focus only on the test group in their studies and create control groups by simply collecting data from an identified population.
Data Curation: Transforming Life Sciences Space with a Data-driven Approach
Data Curation and Enrichment: Tools to improve the healthcare ecosystem

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