Intelligent surgical planning; from diagnosis to recovery
Addressing care collaboration challenges facing healthcare professionals
Reduces cancellations and postponed surgeries
  • Ensures that all requirements are cleared before surgery with checklists that are automatically added to cases
  • Reduces the cases of patients slipping through the cracks and forgotten clearance requirements
Increases rebooking rates
  • Ensures that patient intake responses are automatically captured and prioritized according to need
  • Allow last-minute schedule openings to be immediately filled with the right patient
Notifies case attendees according to physician preferences
  • Automatically updates care teams, surgery centers, and medical device representatives when new cases are created according to the needs of the physician
Provides access to automated booking sheets
  • Prepopulates booking sheets for each case
  • Allows users to seamlessly and securely connect with independent physician offices without the use of fax machines, emails, or less secure methods
Offers telehealth services
  • Allows care teams, physicians, and providers to connect with patients over video with one click; without the need to download anything
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