Avoidable admission and social vulnerability management
Clinical AI that prevents avoidable patient harm
Enables the identification of unforeseen risks and vulnerabilities:
  • Considers 4,500 risk factors across clinical and socioeconomic data and a quadrillion dimensions of risk for each patient
  • Assists in analyzing clinical, socioeconomic, environmental, and behavioral data to find hidden health and financial risks
Helps in assessing modifiable individuals:
  • Uncovers vulnerable patients outside narrow risk bands
  • Delivers a prioritized list of individuals whose outcomes can be changed
  • Enables easy evaluation of modifiable individuals and their unique attributes to drive action plans
Empowers organizations to intervene to change the outcomes:
  • Delivers prioritized and personalized evidence-based recommendations to avoid risk and optimize engagement
  • Protects financial goals by proactively managing avoidable cost & utilization events before they become a quality or revenue event
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