Behavioral health management
Helping users self-manage stressors by blending AI-guided listening with professional expert support
Enables AI-guided listening and triage:
  • Listens like a person, and scales like a product
  • Can have sensitive conversations while meeting clinical safety standards
  • Knows when to escalate for further assessment, care pathway, or crisis support
  • Creates an environment for users to open up and complete CBT exercises within ten minutes, something that often takes multiple sessions with a human therapist
  • Is loved by the users:
    • 90% of the users find the service helpful after only a single session
    • 75% of the users want to come back for five or more sessions
Offers digital therapeutic programs with a proven engagement and efficacy:
  • Enrolls users screened for elevated depression or anxiety symptoms into therapeutic programs that:
    • Last for 4 to 8 weeks
    • Combine motivational interviewing, behavioral activation, sleep support and cognitive restructuring
    • Have also been adapted for secondary behavioral health issues associated with physical health conditions such as cancer, maternal health or chronic pain
    • Are available as both digital-only offerings and hybrid offerings including daily support from a wellbeing coach
    • Have a completion rate of over 80%
    • Have shown to reduce depression and anxiety scores in patient studies
Connects to a network of expert practitioners:
  • Combines self-care support from the AI penguin with daily check-ins and weekly chat sessions with a wellbeing coach
  • Offers access to licensed therapists for behavioral health support in 12 states
Multimodal and multilingual with integration flexibility:
  • Offers integration flexibility across platforms—SMS, website, Wysa application, and native applications with Wysa API/SDK
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing care pathways and systems
  • Will also be offered in Spanish this fall
Ensures data privacy and information security:
  • Adheres to the world's leading standard on data privacy and information security management, and is ISO 27701:2019 and ISO 27001:2013 certified respectively
  • Is GDPR and HIPAA compliant
Offers clinical safety:
  • Complies with the NHS DCB0129 standard—one of the world’s leading standards for clinical safety—and includes oversight from a Clinical Safety Officer, safety-by-design during design and development, and hazard log based reporting in operating environments
  • Offers low-risk general wellness and digital health products for mental health or psychiatric conditions, which can be used for patient populations without need for FDA approval as a medical device
Comes along with a premium self-care library:
  • Has more than 150 evidence-based techniques that help people build skills to manage anxiety, stress,self-esteem, relationships, mindfulness, sleep and more
Does not assist with certain crises:
  • Is not designed to assist with crises such as abuse or severe mental health conditions that may cause feelings of suicide, harm to self, and any other medical emergencies
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