Deviceless remote patient monitoring
Remote monitoring for value-based care organizations
Offers deviceless remote patient monitoring (RPM):
  • Leverages real-time, self-reported patient data and artificial intelligence to produce long-term patient engagement while identifying clinically actionable moments for proactive care delivery
Enables condition-specific monitoring:
  • Offers evidence-based end-to-end support services for chronic medical conditions
  • Enables more than two dozen condition-specific patient monitoring programs with population health data insights for a more integrated care and improved clinical outcomes with industry-leading financial returns
Peer-reviewed and proven scalability:
  • Proven in 13 peer-reviewed studies and dozens of payer and provider implementations to sustainably scale care teams
  • Proven to manage over ten times more patients
  • Drives significant improvements in chronic and behavioral health outcomes, quality measures, and reduced global utilization
  • Scales beyond traditional, device based RPM programs
  • Helps healthcare organizations reach ‘rising risk’ populations, prevent those patients from becoming high-risk patients, and reduce the total cost of care
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