Electronic specialist consults for primary care clinicians
Empowering and innovating for primary care by democratizing medical expertise
Empowers and innovates for primary care by democratizing medical expertise
  • Supports a broad spectrum of use cases and care settings with its secure and scalable platform
  • Ensures quick user adoption and program growth by providing seamless integration with existing clinical workflows
Is the gold standard in peer-to-peer physician consults with:
  • More than 120 specialties and subspecialties
  • Secure platform with HITRUST certification
  • High physician satisfaction
  • Improved clinical quality
  • Unmatched scale
Offers an eConsult solution that:
  • Provides feedback on a differential diagnosis or care plan
  • Generates insights on an interim care plan while a patient waits for a specialist appointment
  • Helps interpret a lab test or diagnostic result
  • Assists in the improvement of the quality of referrals
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