Physician referral and utilization management
Predicting early onset of diseases and lowering the cost of care
Allows healthcare organizations to identify and engage with patients or employees at risk:
  • Leverages more than 55 disease prediction models to show who is trending towards a diagnosis of a disease or condition, allowing healthcare organizations to engage with them sooner to begin treatment
Assists in the identification of top performing providers and align with them:
  • Provides a physician scoring algorithm—VOCALTM—to objectively provide cost and quality measures for physicians throughout the country
  • Helps in assembling the best care teams with its PATH Care Pathway Optimization
  • Enables healthcare organizations and self-insured employers to achieve optimal cost-to-quality ratios
  • Provides invaluable data/insight on provider quality and outcomes that can be used by organizations as they transition from fee-for-service to value-based-care delivery models
Enables early engagement with patients:
  • Provides early outreach and screening for signs of disease that can lead to earlier diagnosis, potentially saving lives and improving the overall quality of life for patients and their families
Helps in predicting outcomes and proactively care:
  • Provides predictions for procedures, diagnosis, potential traumas, chronic conditions, infections, and behavioral issues
  • Provides best match between patient and providers using its VOCALTM to optimize patient care pathways
Assists in driving revenue growth:
  • Assists in identifying and engaging with the top providers in the market
  • Enables a reduction in patient leakage / out-migration that otherwise leads to a revenue loss
Enables the measurement of the market share:
  • Helps to see how the respective market is performing and measure the organization’s performance
  • Assists in assessing the market competition to support strategic planning and growth
  • Enables easy measurement of the business development efforts
Helps in improving physician alignment:
  • Assists in prioritizing physician liaison outreach
  • Enables easy measurement of physician loyalty across all specialties
  • Supports the conversion of “splitters” into “loyalists”
Enables quantification of relationships:
  • Helps in evaluating strategic partners
  • Assists in identification of practices/organizations for acquisition or alignment
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