Population health management solution
Integrating data, insights, and partners into a single customized solution
b.well’s digital transformation platform:
  • It is an enterprise-level solution to drive consumer facing digital transformation for health systems and ACOs
  • The platform brings together key digital solutions like telehealth, chatbot, digital triage, and other digital therapeutics to navigate consumers to the appropriate level of care whether in person, virtual, or digital
It is powered by data:
  • It leverages data from the Innovaccer Data Activation Platform to drive personalized health journeys for full populations of individuals, helping its clients achieve their specific KPIs and reach their quality goals across all key measures
  • All users receive a unique experience that is catered to their needs depending on their relevant clinical, financial, wearable, social, and preference data
  • The personalized experience of the users is powered by connected data and cuts through the clutter, yielding true results
It enables the creation custom digital workflows:
  • Creating customized digital workflows targets the financial and clinical outcomes that the organizations care about the most while enhancing the patient experience
  • From scheduling to holding a place in line, accessing telehealth and advance check-in, b.well creates the frictionless pathway for patients
It offers a consumer targeted marketplace:
  • This guides patients through the diverse set of healthcare choices by offering convenient options, delivered how and when users want: in-person, virtually, and digitally
It facilitates new patient acquisition:
  • Serving as the digital front door, patients are connected with convenient access to care and guided through the system based on their personal data and preferences
And a host of other benefits:
  • Patient loyalty and prevent leakage
  • New patient acquisition by extending the reach to the full population served
  • Reimbursement enabled for digital services
  • 360° view of the population captured to confidently manage risk
  • Digitized and streamlined patient and administrative workflow
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