Florence Health Adopts Innovaccer Health Cloud to Scale R&D


Florence Health Adopts Innovaccer Health Cloud to Scale R&D

What You Should Know: 

– Florence Health, a next-generation, fully risk-bearing, primary care provider, has partnered with Innovaccer to move its proprietary technology development to the Innovaccer Health Cloud

– Florence, which will enter 2022 at full risk for more than 25,000 Medicare patients across multiple states and annual revenues of over $350 million, selected the Innovaccer Health Cloud after an extensive search that included all major public cloud providers.

Adopting Health Cloud to Scale R&D

Building on the Innovaccer Health Cloud will scale Florence’s mission of delivering an unparalleled health care experience to the patients it serves through Florence’s following technology development initiatives:

– A more complete and accurate patient record at the point of care, beyond what has been possible historically

– Smarter triage and medical quality assurance, including the surfacing of quality insights, coding items, and care coordination worklist protocols that ensure nothing falls through the cracks

– Outcomes analysis to ensure the organization is delivering the best results for each patient, with real-time or near-real-time reporting across key outcomes, including hospitalizations, emergency room visits, and other events of distress, along with critical positive indicators such as patient satisfaction feedback and condition/symptom improvements and relief

“Building atop the Innovaccer Health Cloud is accelerating our application development 10-fold,” says Jake Halpert, Founder and CEO of Florence Health. “You could not build Uber before the advent of Google Maps, and this is truly the Google Maps infrastructure of health care.”

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