Innovaccer Accelerates Healthcare's Transformation With the Industry's Leading Health Cloud


This week at HIMSS '21 booth 2443, Innovaccer Inc. will be showing healthcare IT professionals from around the globe how the Innovaccer Health Cloud can help them accelerate their transformation and build the future of health.

Attendees can engage with Innovaccer at the main Innovaccer booth, 2443; the Innovaccer Partner Pavilion, booth 2461; the Innovaccer-PwC kiosk C-470 in the 'Consumerism and Patient Engagement' pavilion; and the Innovaccer-Accountable Care Learning Collaborative kiosks C1400-16/17 in the 'Value of Healthcare' pavilion.

Healthcare IT leaders at HIMSS will see how the Innovaccer Health Cloud unifies disparate systems and siloed data to create a single source of clinical truth about the patient, and a single source of financial and operational truth for their payer and provider—all without requiring them to replace existing IT investments.

Providers, payers, life sciences companies, and digital health innovators are embracing the Innovaccer Health Cloud, an open platform ecosystem with a patient-centric data model that heals healthcare's fractures to bring all stakeholders together and accelerate their transformation.

"Our customers are on a mission to accelerate transformation, so healthcare can be integrated, truly collaborative, and utterly focused on the whole patient," said Abhinav Shashank, CEO at Innovaccer. "This is an incredibly exciting, yet challenging time for healthcare. The pace of change will continue to accelerate, and payers, providers, and life sciences organizations must be able to operate at the pace of transformation. We're helping them leap ahead, and stay ahead, as we build the future of healthcare together."

Indeed, the Innovaccer team raced ahead over the past 24 months, across multiple industry segments, to deliver a truly record-breaking array of launches, growth, wins, awards and, most important, customer successes. The company:

Visit HIMSS '21 booth 2443 and see the path to healthcare's future, running now on the Innovaccer Health Cloud—the open platform ecosystem where interoperability isn't an afterthought, but the foundation; where healthcare can finally be unified, complete, and focused on the whole patient, to deliver care as one.

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