Innovaccer Launches Managed Medicaid Solution to Minimize Costs and Enhance Care for Providers Serving Growing Medicaid Populations


Innovaccer Inc., a leading healthcare technology company, has launched a Managed Medicaid solution to help risk-based providers maximize contract performance, employ a collaborative care model, ensure easy access to community-based resources and improve quality and social determinants of health (SDoH) outcomes. Powered by the Innovaccer Health Cloud, the solution significantly improves the health of Medicaid populations by integrating a unified data model with powerful analytics.

Medicaid enrollment is rising rapidly with the total enrollment projected to reach 78.5M in 2022. Innovaccer aims to help risk-based providers cater to this increase with its Managed Medicaid solution. Innovaccer is a pioneer in value-based care and was recently recognized as the  "2021 Best in KLAS" Population Health solution. Innovaccer's new solution is a tailored version of this award-winning service that quickly identifies patient-specific social/clinical needs, develops personalized care plans, and ensures patient engagement. A major highlight of the solution is that it boosts physicians' efficiency with point-of-care alerts around care gaps, coding gaps, medication adherence, and more. It also helps physicians run automated and personalized outreach programs that help keep patients focused on improving their health outcomes.

"With CMS's increasing focus on value-based care for the Medicaid population, a collaborative care model has become even more important," says Abhinav Shashank, CEO at Innovaccer. "Innovaccer's Managed Medicaid Solution offers a comprehensive approach to win in Medicaid by providing an intuitive platform that can significantly enhance the quality of care while controlling costs. Our intelligent application suite based on the Innovaccer Health Cloud powers meaningful experiences and helps providers develop new capabilities and accelerate innovation."

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