Innovaccer Launches Member Engagement Solution to Scale-Up Digital Transformation Efforts with Payers


Innovaccer, Inc., a leading healthcare technology company, has launched its member engagement solution for healthcare payers. The solution will enable payers to use a more consumer-oriented approach and allow the network members to take charge of their own healthcare journeys. The solution will empower them with the right information, resources, and the network’s best-performing providers.

Creating a Patient-Centered Care Paradigm

U.S. healthcare is making strides toward a more patient-centered care paradigm. The latest Interoperability and Patient Access final rule is one of the initiatives that put patients at the center of care. The rule made it mandatory for payers to share electronic health data with patients, which will enable them to participate more in their healthcare decisions.

In addition to meeting the regulatory requirements, the member engagement solution enables payers to provide on-demand, mobile-based educational materials, lab and test results, clinical visit notes, personalized health assessments, and digitized services to health plan members.

Enabling Payers to Become More Patient-Centered

Innovaccer’s solution enables payers to become more patient-centered.  Payers can create member-oriented care plans, enhance connectivity with care managers, and drive interventions for social determinants of health risks through the solution.

“By building strong payer-beneficiary collaboration, we will be able to establish a more active, responsible, and value-driven care journey. Engaged members will know and understand exactly what is being done for the successful management of their medical conditions. A more informed and savvy member can potentially contribute to improving the quality of care, reduce excessive resource utilization, and decrease their costs,” says Abhinav Shashank, CEO at Innovaccer.

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