Innovaccer Partners With Carematix to Emphasize Remote Patient Monitoring on the Innovaccer Health Cloud


Innovaccer Inc., a leading healthcare technology company, recently announced its partnership with healthcare IoT devices company, Carematix to integrate remote patient monitoring (RPM) capabilities on the Innovaccer Health Cloud. The partnership will enable providers and healthcare organizations to proactively monitor and engage with high-risk and rising-risk patients, improving care plan adherence and patient wellness.

A leader in remote patient monitoring programs, Carematix develops innovative and affordable telehealth solutions designed to improve patient outcomes while decreasing the total cost of care. Its suite of vital signs monitoring products enables clients to monitor their patients' vitals as often as needed and from the comfort of their own homes

Innovaccer will leverage Carematix's RPM devices to help its customers collect and integrate data into the Innovaccer Health Cloud, allowing for timely engagement. Innovaccer will also use Carematrix's solutions to develop better care management and patient engagement workflows. Patients and caregivers will have the ability to track their own data, increasing compliance and improving outcomes.

"We are excited to partner with Innovaccer to complement their patient-centric approach to care," says Sukhwant Khanuja, CEO at Carematix. "Over the years, we have learned to work with patients at home collecting biometrics and other patients-reported outcomes while focusing on the ease of use and patient compliance. When combined with Innovaccer's leading-edge data aggregation and analytics platform, caregivers can coordinate care at a completely different level. They can now focus on chronotherapy, behavioral analytics, and personalized care planning."

The partnership will also enable Innovaccer to improve the readmission predictive models of the Innovaccer Health Cloud by objectively analyzing patients' behavior patterns, thus reducing 30-day readmission rates and emergency department (ED) visits. The partnership will result in higher compliance rates and improved monitoring, providing a wholesome experience to both Innovaccer clients and their patients.

"We are excited to take a giant leap in remote patient monitoring through our partnership with Carematix," says Abhinav Shashank, CEO at Innovaccer. "The more than 20 years of experience that Carematix brings to the table better positions us to provide our customers with world-class care management and virtual patient engagement capabilities. This partnership will help us redefine excellence in hospital admissions and patient connectivity. It will help us advance our mission to build the future of health."

About Carematix

Based in Chicago, USA, Carematix is a leading provider of remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions to chronic care programs and clinical trials. Carematix offers a wide range of wireless monitors, including weight scales, pulse oximeters, glucometer connectivity, peak flow meters and blood pressure units, along with ePRO and eCOA tools. With experience in over 15 countries, Carematix can serve any patient anywhere in the world. Carematix customers include Partners Health, Aetna, BCBS, VA, Univ of British Columbia, Univ of Auckland, Novartis and Abbott.

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