New Research Finds Health Clouds Are Key Infrastructure for Digital Transformation


A new research brief just published by Chilmark Research, and commissioned by Innovaccer Inc., emphasizes how healthcare-centric cloud services can help accelerate the industry's digital transformation efforts.

In the report "The Health Cloud: Key Infrastructure For Digital Transformation," the global research and advisory firm for healthcare IT solutions emphasizes the importance of cloud computing in digitally-enabled healthcare. It also contrasts how different cloud computing models fit into the healthcare IT landscape, key capabilities of competent health clouds, and health clouds' significance in digital transformation efforts.

Innovation has been slower in healthcare compared to other industries. Then the COVID-19 pandemic exposed the limitations of legacy healthcare IT infrastructures, and increased the need for enterprises to be more interoperable, agile, and efficient. As a result, healthcare IT leaders are investing in cloud technology to modernize their infrastructures to support digital transformation.

"We launched the Innovaccer Health Cloud, the first and only Internet cloud fundamentally organized around the whole patient and a unified patient record—a single source of clinical and financial truth—to accelerate transformation and power the future of health," said Abhinav Shashank, CEO at Innovaccer. "We commissioned this research on behalf of our customers, to help IT leaders and the industry better understand the various cloud computing models, and help them make informed decisions as they choose their path forward."

The research brief will help IT leaders develop greater strategic awareness around the benefits of adopting cloud computing in healthcare for greater data liquidity and accessibility. The publication offers detailed insights for healthcare IT leaders on how to make informed decisions while selecting a health cloud vendor, and highlights the questions to ask when conducting assessments during the selection process. It also points out the role of cloud computing in revenue growth, efficiency gains, and in capitalizing on the opportunities in digital healthcare.

"The benefits of cloud computing are really beginning to be felt across every healthcare sector," said Chilmark report author and senior analyst Brian Murphy. "It is undeniable that the cloud will play a central and decisive role in all digital healthcare efforts."

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