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Innovaccer expands its AI-assisted solutions with Microsoft

M12, Microsoft’s venture fund, has invested in Innovaccer on account of Innovaccer’s unique approach to data aggregation and analytics that help healthcare organizations deliver value-based care. With support from M12, Innovaccer is expanding its AI-assisted decision support capabilities and building an ecosystem of clinical experts and leaders to power innovation in care.

Microsoft’s Azure Cloud will be seamlessly integrated with Innovaccer’s data activation platform, providing a comprehensive, cloud-based data warehouse for the entire healthcare data and surface intelligent insights for care teams, and deliver them at the point of care.

Innovaccer will also be leveraging various Microsoft’s products and solutions, including Power BI, Azure ML Studio, Teams, Forms, and Skype, among others, to power some of the most critical operations and analytics and meet the business needs.

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Pioneering Telehealth with Twilio

Innovaccer has leveraged Twilio’s digital solutions to launch its telehealth services. To assist healthcare organizations in fighting COVID-19, Innovaccer recognized the value that a digital consultation solution can provide. We successfully launched our COVID-19 patient triaging tool, COVID-19 Management System, that helps patients self-diagnose for the Coronavirus infection. If a patient is at high risk, they can schedule a digital appointment with a practitioner to receive the required consultation. Our telemedicine solution is EHR-agnostic, easy to install, HIPAA-compliant and two-way interoperable.

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Enhancing Care Outcomes with Seamless Community Resource Referrals by Aunt Bertha

With the help of Aunt Bertha’s platform, Innovaccer enables providers and care managers to quickly find resources for patients and schedule their appointments directly within InCare, Innovaccer’s smart care management solution. Innovaccer has incorporated Aunt Bertha’s SDoH data within InCare. It provides a wide range of features to help care teams simplify redundant tasks, bridge care and coding gaps, improve patient engagement and deliver better care outcomes.

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Facilitating Primary Care eConsults with RubiconMD

Innovaccer has powered its physician engagement solution, InNote, by integrating it with e-consult solutions from RubiconMD, which enables primary care providers (PCPs) to quickly and easily discuss their cases with top specialists. This integration allows providers to send e-consultations directly from InNote to the RubiconMD network of providers.


CareSignal's platform enables efficient deviceless remote patient monitoring using the simplest and most accessible technology. It generates "Rare Data" which helps provide trigger alerts and clinically actionable information through Innovaccer's platform directly to the provider. This enables real-time and smart Risk Stratification and abatement. It has had over 6 times patient engagement than before and clinically measurable outcomes and improvements in Patient Health. it facilitates targeted Preventive re-engagement using AI-powered algorithms.