How Can a FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform Improve Analytics and Data Sharing?

Team Innovaccer
Wed 26 Aug 2020
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The modern world is fuelled by data. Data is a resource that is transforming business growth in new ways and at an unprecedented pace. In healthcare, data is generally ‘siloed’ which restricts its usage for analytics or other data-driven initiatives that can improve care. Healthcare organizations are now changing this by using technology to transform care delivery. 

What is the FHIR-enabled Healthcare Data Activation Platform?

Innovaccer’s FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform is a holistic platform built to meet the needs of a modern healthcare system. Powered by FHIR APIs, optimized data lake, best-in-class API gateway, hundreds of analytical enrichments, intuitive workflows and more, the platform enables healthcare organizations to power their data-related initiatives and even help build their own applications. The platform provides secure applications that deliver API-powered integrations, analytics, the ability to engage care teams and more. The data activation platform transforms care through simple steps.  

  • Ingests and Simplifies:

Brings all your healthcare data together in one place and unifies records with minimal efforts.

  • Analyzes:

Projects goals to stay on track with organizational and practice goals with deep analytics of your past performance.

  • Activates:

Helps you go the extra mile with activated data to keep care teams engaged, and performance on-track.

  • Unifies:
    Brings all stakeholders to a single platform to keep your patients closer and help providers care as one.


Analyzing Data to Understand your Patient Population 

Healthcare data and its analysis are at the core of improved patient outcomes. At any healthcare organization, the data is not limited to patients. Another transformative element of healthcare information collected over time is the data related to practice, care coordination, and data related to cost and quality that is extremely helpful for management. The platform is built to provide actionable insights with ease and enable you to do much more. With the FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform you can:

  • Classify patients into cohorts with tailor-made registries:

Access over 60 features to stratify the patient population on the platform and download secure and HIPAA-compliant reports for additional analysis.

  • Track network performance with customized measures:

Build customized measures or select from a spectrum of over 800 cost, quality, or utilization measures. The data activation platform lets you examine high-utilization measures and cost-drivers across the provider network.

  • Access a comprehensive data science: 

Innovaccer’s FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform is designed with ease of use in mind and allows the application of predictive and prescriptive models of analysis, without configuring complex Machine Learning.

Let’s take a closer look at how the FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform helps improve analytics at all levels of an organization. 

Data Activation Platform For Leaders

To drive value and quality in healthcare, leaders need to keep a close eye on performances. With the FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform, one can easily access over 10+ dashboards for easy tracking and analysis. Manage cost and quality with 250+ measures and find areas for improvement. It is easy to create and customize reports based on the analytics obtained to drive better outcomes. With the centralized dashboard, you can keep track of any new development anywhere across a network with real-time alerts. 

Data Activation Platform for Care Teams and Physicians 

Providers can build a care delivery mechanism that lets you focus on what you do best – provide seamless care efficiently. Innovaccer’s FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform helps standardize care delivery by bringing stakeholders together on a singular platform and provides them with the best collaboration tools. The platform helps automate redundancies and gives providers capabilities that save time and effort. 

The platform helps involve physicians and patients with the care team for a seamless experience. The platform allows the integration of remote monitoring and virtual care tools for care to be present at all times and all places.

Providers can quantify the team’s efforts through the deep analytics the platform provides. It is simple to see what works and what doesn’t and changes can be inculcated accordingly. The platform allows you to know your outcomes and helps plan accordingly. It helps you measure where you stand and see yourself in the network by focusing on metrics you determine.

Activating Data For Patients

Keep patients engaged with the FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform. The platform allows you to identify and reach patients whenever the need arises. It gives power to your patients and their families by educating them on their health and community resources so that they are more involved in their healthcare. With the platform, you can stay connected with your patient even remotely with video chats and 24/7 concierge. 


Innovaccer’s FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform provides seamless interoperability with fast-paced data integration across sources. With collaboration at its foundation, the platform brings together all stakeholders to improve care delivery. For improved outcomes, the platform helps identify care gaps with provider performance analytics with data exchange to improve quality and costs.

Book a demo of Innovaccer’s FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform to find out how it can help you improve care delivery. 


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Team Innovaccer
How Can a FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform Improve Analytics and Data Sharing?

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