Launching the central notification service

Mathivathan Vhallatharasu
Fri 25 Sep 2020
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Notifications are one of the biggest hooks to drive product adoption. Most often you may be on Facebook, or Instagram or Linkedin because of some notification and you might end up spending more time on it once you are on the application. It’s key to bring the user to the application as much as possible. Apart from this, notifications will help the innovaccer users across care managers, providers etc. focus only on the job at their hand. Notification will reduce the cognitive load and remind them to take action as and when needed. This will help them be productive, as the number of unread notifications will be a lagging indicator of one’s productivity, just like the unread emails on our inbox is an indication of pending jobs to be performed.



What does the Notification service do?


The notification service can be used to send alerts across applications to users through the following channels

  • Notification icon in datashop
  • Emails
  • SMS
  • Push notification - for mobile apps
  • Toast message (Bottom left) - For critical notifications

Current feature list


The notification service has the following features

  • Title and body of the notification
  • Application context (Incare/Innote)
  • Ability to send one notification to multiple users and across multiple channels
  • Option to tag a notification as critical, which will remain on the users screen on the left bottom

Where are we on the Notification service?


The notification service is live! INCAREintegrated with the notification service to help notify the care managers on action items. 




1.The blue box is the toast message that is for critical messages and it will stay unless closed by the user. The bell icon is the notification icon, with number of unread notifications in red.


2. As one opens the bell icon, the notification window opens to list all the notifications. Each notification has the time, who sent it (Incare/Innote), context and the CTA which will take the user to the page where the action is to be performed. There is an option to mark all as read.


3. Email notification - The same notification can be sent through email. While application team triggers the notification, they can choose the channels the notification will be sent




Please reachout to for any queries related to the notification service. 


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Mathivathan Vhallatharasu
Launching the central notification service

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