Transformation’s Missing Link: The Physician-Leader
Team Innovaccer
Mon 27 Jun 2022
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Earlier this month, Innovaccer’s Xccelerate conference brought together new thinking, valuable insights, critical conversations, and a shared vision on how patient data—unified and universally shared across consumer, care, and business settings—will be the biggest driver for accelerating the innovation and digital transformation that fundamentally improves healthcare.

Dr. Jack Cochran was one of two visionary keynote speakers to kick off the conference and take the stage at Xccelerate 2022.* The author of the acclaimed book Healer, Leader, Partner, Dr. Cochran is renowned for his efforts to help physicians become effective leaders for transforming healthcare so it can consistently deliver what patients want, need, and deserve.

Dr. Jack Cochran

While serving as CEO for the Permanente Federation, he led clinical quality and engagement, and oversaw more than 20,000 physicians caring for over 10 million patients. Under his leadership, Kaiser Permanente completed the largest civilian deployment of a clinical information system to date, and was recognized as a national leader in clinical quality by Medicare’s Star program, the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), and other organizations.

One of Modern Healthcare’s “50 Most Influential Physician Executives and Leaders,” Dr. Cochran connected with us during Xccelerate 2022 to talk about what he sees as today’s top challenges in healthcare, and the role of physicians in driving industry-wide transformation—including why doctors must develop the leadership and partnering skills essential to driving transformation, in addition to their traditional roles as healers, confidants, and caregivers.

* We know you’re wondering who the other keynote speaker was. It was Billy Beane, executive VP of the Oakland A’s, and subject of the book Moneyball.

  • A journey from physician to physician-leader
  • Trust, active listening, and the impact on physician engagement
  • Watching angels work
  • Why Healer, Leader, and Partner struck a chord
  • Dealing with complex issues in difficult times
  • Transformation’s golden rule: Value dissent, challenge cynicism to lead change
  • The intellectual arms race: why being bright and right isn’t enough
  • Evolving physicians into physician-leaders
  • Going beyond the point of clinical care
  • Physicians’ disproportionate impact on transformation—and how to leverage it
  • Preserving the patient’s voice: it takes a team
  • Using data as an absolute truth to improve clinical judgment
  • Writing the owner’s manual for healthcare transformation
  • The unified patient record as an information ecosystem
  • Cooling off physician burnout
  • Innovation and the elimination of thankless jobs
  • How complexity has made specialty care primary, and primary care special
  • Who’s watching the data silos?

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Team Innovaccer
Transformation’s Missing Link: The Physician-Leader
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