Elevate Health: Building the Future of Healthier Communities

A leading Accountable Community of Health (ACH) based in Pierce County, Washington, wanted to connect caregivers across numerous practice sites to close referral loops, improve care management and provide patients with a connected care experience. With these goals in mind, the ACH leveraged the Innovaccer Health Cloud’s integrated application suite and developer toolkit to allow the ACH and third-party developers to create interoperable applications that allowed them to leverage unified patient records to track the patient journey and analyze patient needs. ACH also used the Innovaccer Health Cloud to connect patients with community resources in real-time and help its partners successfully address critical medical and social service needs for their patients.

The ACH leveraged more than 100 integrations to digital health services and the largest collection of intelligent APIs on cost, quality, and utilization metrics to successfully obtain insights into their network performance and lower their care costs.

"We are passionate about innovating and enhancing the processes that will lead to improved health and economic vitality in our communities. Partnering with Innovaccer is part of our broader effort to engage with the relevant technology providers to advance our collaborative whole-person health model and bridge gaps in health equity. The Innovaccer Health Cloud plays a central role in how we support our provider network as it delivers coordinated care for the residents of Pierce County and the measurement of health outcomes in our region."

Alisha Fehrenbacher, FACHE, CEO of Elevate Health and OnePierce Community Resiliency Fund

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