How MercyOne PHSO impacted population health through social determinants of health

Healthcare providers are at a critical juncture, newly responsible for both the quality and cost of care that they furnish while also being asked to gain a deeper understanding of their patients’ risk factors. Recent studies demonstrate the importance of documenting and studying the SDOH, or the underlying non-medical factors that influence and determine a patient’s health status and health outcomes.

The Iowa-based MercyOne PHSO incorporated a streamlined, data-driven approach to determine how social determinants of health could be addressed. Aided by Innovaccer’s suite of solutions, MercyOne PHSO not only identified actionable opportunities, but also significantly cut down on administrative burden.

The organization was able to:

  • Successful screenings for more than 7,000 patients across four clinics in a year, out of which 5,152 were unique.
  • 487 patients were identified and helped with their social needs.
  • Time to document results per patient reduced to 47 seconds, compared to 2.5 minutes previously.
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