PSW: Building the Future of Connected Teams

PSW represents a network of over 500 providers and manages data from 23 different electronic health records for more than 21,700 beneficiaries. PSW wanted to deliver high-quality care and reduce avoidable ED visits by gaining complete network visibility so that clinicians could intervene before patients needed emergency care. PSW leveraged Innovaccer’s Health Cloud to integrate all aspects of care delivery, including the care management and ED optimization process, using a combination of Innovaccer’s application suite and third-party applications developed using the Innovaccer Health Cloud development toolkit.

With Innovaccer Health Cloud, PSW transformed care management into a data-driven, rapid and flexible process. It leveraged Innovaccer Health Cloud’s intelligent APIs to successfully obtain insights into network performance, driving a reduction of approximately 8% in ED utilization year-over-year.

"The Innovaccer Health Cloud gives us a platform to align with many disparate EHRs and provide clinical insights that help our physicians improve population health."

Melanie Mathews, CEO, PSW

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