Reducing Avoidable Emergency Department Visits with Data-Driven Insights

Due to a large number of patient discharge records, an independent physician association of 500+ physicians had to research each patient individually and generate referrals to the care management team, creating worklists for them to utilize for patient outreach. This laborious process resulted in missed opportunities to reach out to patients and provide them with information on how to leverage alternative care facilities such as urgent care or walk-in clinics for their needs.

With data-driven care management built on Innovaccer’s FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform in place as well as prompt patient outreach, the physician association was able to register a decrease of approximately 8% in their ED utilization from 2017 to 2018. Having a prompt, efficient process in place that opened up the avenues of communication for patients within 48 hours of being discharged from the ED was clearly significant in achieving this cost-saving reduction.

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