A Texas-based health system delivered a personalized patient and caregiver experience across its 105 hospitals and 30 critical access facilities in 19 states. Creating a better overall patient and caregiver experience required replacing manual tasks with an automated, data aggregation technology.

The health system moved to the InnovaccerⓇ Health Cloud, which provided them with a 360-degree view of patient data, and enabled them to move beyond just treating illness, to facilitating proactive care throughout the patient journey. The health system automated workflows to improve its customer relationship management (CRM) efforts by engaging patients before, during, and after care delivery.

By moving to the Health Cloud, the network was able to achieve the following outcomes:

Read this Case Study to learn about:
36% increase in wellness visits for patients engaged through PRM
A projected savings of $330,000 on a $64,000 investment with 5.2x ROI (415%)
Streamlined communication between patients and providers through more personalized planning and follow-up
Improved quality of care and reduced patient communication gaps
26% reduction in readmissions for patients successfully engaged in TCM protocols
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