The industry’s shift toward value-based care and the ever-expanding healthcare provider network have made it essential to automate complex manual workflows. The time spent manually processing billing and other tasks—combined with the possibility of human error—can cost organizations man-hours and lead to high operational costs. Given the dual issues of inaccurate billing and high execution time, the switch to automation looks nothing but wise.

A leading behavioral health organization had similar issues since it relied heavily on a labor-intensive billing workflow to source and compile data from various EHRs into its software. Its process was both time-consuming and prone to errors, resulting in additional costs and claim denials.

The organization sought to streamline its billing workflow with Innovaccer’s robotic process automation (RPA) solution to address data integration and management challenges. Using Innovaccer’s expertise, it implemented RPA to automate related tasks, which helped it redefine its billing cycle, reduce costs, and achieve operational efficiency.

Read this Case Study to learn about:
$250,000 in cost savings
4x faster billing process
100% operational reliability
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