Effective payer-provider collaboration- An activation agent for improved health outcomes

Innovaccer surveyed 65 payer organizations to evaluate provider network management expenditure, network size, and organizational challenges, priorities, preferences, and use cases. This report summarizes the survey results and explores how payer organizations navigate the challenges of network management, including insights into managing provider networks efficiently.

30% of the surveyed payer organizations have more than 100,000 in-network providers.

64% of the surveyed organizations don’t have a technology solution that supports all their provider network management processes.

50% reported that they’re unable to adopt third-party solutions because of the inability to integrate those solutions with their existing systems.

With the increased focus on digital transformation and improving care quality—as well as new stringent federal regulations—provider network management solutions are more important than ever.

The ideal solution would provide a foundation for data aggregation, analytics, and performance improvement and help improve overall care outcomes for members.

Survey participants also discussed:

  • The current provider network management technology landscape
  • Provider network management functionality provided by third-party technologies
  • The reasons they aren’t adopting a third-party provider network management solution
  • Focus areas for provider network management
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