How Data Platforms Transform Healthcare for Tomorrow

After every two years, the amount of electronic data doubles across industries, and the U.S healthcare generally surpasses this estimate. The rate of growth of healthcare data is expected to be the highest among other business sectors.

To derive maximum value out of the expanding database, it is important to optimize the data. Optimizing the data, in simple words, means transforming the data in a way that it can provide useful insights to stakeholders in the healthcare value chain, improve the quality of care, and reduce costs.

So far there has been significant progress in addressing the data needs of the healthcare industry like storage, movement, transformation and application of business intelligence and analytics. This research report explains how different technology vendors are solving only certain parts of the data problem and not the entire problem altogether. Consequently, healthcare organizations have to use different applications and technologies to optimize their data. The unnecessary movement of data leads to redundancies and cost inefficiencies.

The research report will explain:

  • The current process of data optimization
  • The latest industry developments in healthcare data processing capabilities
  • The ideal data framework that can be instrumental to achieving healthcare’s cost, quality and accessibility goals.
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