An Arizona-based health network with more than 30 hospitals, 10,000 providers, and 3 million patients across six states had disconnected electronic health record systems and used various vendors for population health, hospital analytics, risk adjustment, quality reporting, data warehousing, and engagement. The network was spending $15.3 million annually on data management and population health strategies.

To lower costs and improve coding accuracy, physician engagement, population stratification, and health outcomes, the network replaced its third-party technology with the suite of solutions on the Innovaccer Health Cloud.

Read this Success Stories to learn about:
Generate $4 million in savings by replacing its former risk management solution with Innovaccer’s solutions
Increase coding accuracy by improving code capturing
Decrease physician time spent on coding, improving physician response rate
Decrease its anticipated annual spend on data management and population health from $21.1 million to $8.2 million annually—a 70% savings
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