Innovating Provider Networks to Drive More Cost-Effective Care

Provider network management encompasses a wide variety of components, from preventing referral leakage to managing the price for a given clinical procedure. Healthcare provider network management helps the payers access accurate provider data, verify it, and update it as needed.

About the Webinar

This webinar mainly focuses on the importance of payer provider collaboration to achieve enhanced care delivery to members and reduce overall costs. It talks about the rising cost burden on health plans due to data fragmentation and how it is affecting healthcare. In this webinar, learn how payers can overcome inefficiencies across functions and generate more savings and better patient outcomes.

You will learn

  • Rising cost burden on health plans due to data fragmentation
  • Ways to reduce the overall cost and enhance care delivery
  • Role of payer provider collaboration in reducing the administrative cost
  • Need for actionable member health insights at the point of care
  • Role of value-based care in enhancing payer provider collaboration

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